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Originally Posted by Dennis in MA View Post
IN your mailbox?

Like a regular single-mail-box-on-a-post type mailbox? SFH or apartment complex/2-family/?? ?

I can honestly say my name has never been INSIDE my mailbox. My mail goes there, and it has my name on it, but. . .

Hell, I've mailed crap to people who DON'T live at a house and it got delivered.

Perhaps I'm confused.


Here are the reg's for single mailboxes (mailboii??):

NAME is not required, just reco'd.

Yes in just a regualar standard sized mailbox on a post for a residential home. It was my impression that you just needed the numbers on the outside, the lady said we needed our last name inside the mailbox. Seems silly to me but whatever. The best part was how she just drove by the house everyday, one day my wife and I were maybe 10 yards from her both of us working in the yard. Fantastic customer service.
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