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I know I'm going to regret doing this, but... because I'm a masochist, I'll follow you down this absurd rabbit hole...

Originally Posted by tsmo1066 View Post
If the man has to work overtime, a second job or otherwise perform extra toil and labor for 18 years to support a child he doesn't even want.
You seem to think that making money has something to do with manual labor.

I suppose it explains something about your mentality.

Originally Posted by tsmo1066 View Post
...then his body is AT LEAST as invested in this as the woman's.

No... it's not.

Originally Posted by tsmo1066 View Post
Why does the woman get all the "choice" while the man gets all the responsibility even though it's both of their bodies on the line?
OMGosh... let's do it again...

Her body, Her choice.

His child, His responsibility.

Hate it all you want. It's part of life's rules. I'm sure you can think of more of them you don't like if you sit down and think really hard.
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