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Originally Posted by Jonesee View Post
Sorry guys. I believe what I believe.

Been hunting alone since I was 9. I never once felt the need for a hand gun too. neither did my grandad, my dad and now my 3 grown sons. I've never hunted with a serious hunter that carried one either.
Again, I have hunted the plains, southern US and the Rockies. I've never hunted Alaska where it may be wise.

But to each his own.
Odd, i don't spend alot of time hunting but spend a good amount of my work week in the "woods", I am a forester and buy standing timber for a large company. I carry and for the most part am glad i do. Several times I have faced situations that I was glad I was armed. No never had to shoot anybody (thank God), but have shot wild dogs, snakes and just having it on my side has cooled down many situations. I run up on dope growers from time to time and folks hunting out of season etc. I always use a cool head, but you never know, and when they see my firearm and my stance they usually back out.
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