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Originally Posted by bmoore View Post
Atleast they wrote you a note. When I put up a new mailbox and post last spring I put the numbers on the outside and thought I was GTG. The mail lady just drove by everyday until I went outside and asked what the problem was. She told me we needed the last name in the mailbox.
ON the mailbox???

12 yrs or so ago, I went to a client's house. He had some comedy name on the mailbox. Like Fugawee or something similarly humorous.

"You can't seriously get mail here, do you?"

"What difference does the name make?" he replied. "They deliver mail to a NUMBER, not a name."

Maybe that's changed.

Originally Posted by SGT HATRED View Post
Good for you, do you want a cookie?
Originally Posted by AudiGregg View Post
Sure, you can mail it to me, and I am sure I will get it.
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