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Originally Posted by Louisville Glocker View Post
I never claimed to know everything. People try to do studies to prove there are ghosts. I even have a colleague who monitors supposedly haunted houses. He comes to me for advice on EM radiation devices. He even publishes papers on it. But from a hard science perspective, he has nothing. No proof. No real evidence.

The science simply doesn't back it up. Now if you want to go to religion and faith, then you can believe whatever you want. That's why my kids believe in easter bunny, tooth fairy, etc...but they're smart enough that they eventually figure out it is BS. Some adults never see through the BS.
at 1 point "scientists" jumped up and down swearing that the earth was flat. just because you can't prove something right now dosen't mean it won't ever be proven.

i loathe scientific zealots just as much as i hate religious zealots. everybody needs to knock off the "THIS IS THE WAY IT IS AND THAT'S THE END OF IT!" attitudes.

as human beings we are nothing more than cells that makes up the flea that rides the dog that's living in just 1 yard, so on and so forth.
the brighter your light the darker your shadow.
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