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All I can say is that I believe there's "something" to it, although I wouldn't dare even offer a guess as to what "ghosts" really are and what makes them tick.

I've seen some pretty overt paranormal activity firsthand, which makes me something of a believer.

My best friend in high school had a Grandmother who lived in a farmhouse that her late husband had built in the 1950s. Long story short, I spent a weekend there fixing up a barn and working on the roof and got to "meet" her late husband - sort of. We had just gotten through cleaning the kitchen one night after dinner and went into the living room to watch some TV. On the way there I decided to turn around and get a Coke out of the fridge. When I walked back into the kitchen that we had just cleaned seconds before, every cabinet and drawer in the room was wide open.

I was shaken to the core by this, but my friend's Grandma wasn't even phased. She said her late husband, Frank, didn't like strangers much and was just reminding me that it was HIS house.

I agreed with her and told her that Frank could have the place! I never set foot in that house again after that night.
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