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Originally Posted by G19G20 View Post
Actually, you brought up the "threat of Islam" and "pandering to Islamists" crap, not me. This was a thread about Romney's AWB record and I said nothing about Islam.
Ooooops! Your nose is growing again. I mentioned Islam in response to your rant a couple pages ago:

Originally Posted by G19G20 View Post
Discussion of issues and differing viewpoints has been relegated to the wayside while the constant chorus of "he's a muslim!" or some variation has become the rallying cry for the party. It's demeaning to those of us that want a higher level of discourse.
I simply attempted to find out who you're carrying water for...Saint Ron, or the Golden Child...since they're both supporting Islam to the detriment of our nation. Don't even pretend that I'm the first guy here who has noted that, despite your jibbering Paulbot lunacy, you seem to be more than a mere closet supporter of Hussein.

Originally Posted by G19G20 View Post
Considering how you keep harping on women in my life, I also have to wonder whether you're gay.
Sorry to ruin your feverish bong fantasies, but I'm not gay, though I'm not surprized that you'd float that idea. Dopers, such as yourself, quickly adopt an if-it-feels-good-do-it set of morals that allow then to engage in homosexuality and other form of sordid behavior, and like you, assume that the rest of the world sees morality the way they do.

Like your bragging here on this forum...bragging, mind you...about cheating on your wife with a bimbo you met at a RP campaign party. As if you assumed that all of us here would admire you for your philandery. So you assume that if someone doesn't agree with cheating on your wife, or beating your wife, as you do...he therefore must be "gay". That's sorta like adding 2+2 and coming up with "5".

Originally Posted by G19G20 View Post
Suddenly the threat of Islam isn't a part of the conversation anymore. Way to move the goal posts. Care to define what you mean by "victim of drug-related crime" or am I supposed to just project the most gruesome scenario of a crack addict raping a white woman that I can imagine?
Okay...when you jeered at me about "invisible sky men", and I pointed out that they're flying, and planning to fly, Boeing aircraft into our skyscrapers, you responded with a spittle-spewing diatribe about police killing innocent babies and chihuahua dogs. So rather than risk saying something else about the terrorist threat Islam poses to the U.S. (that "higher level of discourse" you spoke of) and making you again feel like a chump...I opted to lower the "level of discourse" and talk about something you would feel more comfy with, i.e., dope and dope crime. I'm only trying to be accomodating...but you're so volatile. Thus my worrying that you treat your wife, and the other women in your life, that way. Are you getting any counselling for that?

Seems odd that the most "gruesome" crime scenario that populates your smoky mind is a white woman being raped. Aside from that picture of a battered woman you posted earlier in this thread, is rape something that fascinates you? I'm curious too as to why you think only white women are fitting victims for the crime of rape. It that your natural view of things, or is it a result of the KKK type indoctrination that RP delegates get in your world?
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