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Originally Posted by Animal Mother View Post
Your view of Christianity is a stellar example of confirmation bias, except that you have no actual evidence. If people believe the correct version of Christianity (which in your mind happens to be the version you advocate) they're doing so because of the will of God.
In which case, God is not just, because he created man to punish him.

God is not a kid holding a magnifying glass upon ants; he is our Heavenly Father. To those who ask, he gives, and just as your earthly father would not give a serpent when you ask for fish, he does not do the same: he gives truth, knowledge, and the ability to repent unto Christ for all those with a sincere heart and a contrite spirit.
Originally Posted by Schabesbert View Post
This is exactly right.

We are told to preach Christ, and Him Crucified, but conversion isn't our responsibility; it's the Holy Spirit's.

Like Fr. Pacwa says regarding converting others: That's Management's job. We're in sales.
And it is our job as followers of Christ to listen to the Holy Spirit that he left here so that we may help in the work, that we may thrust in our sickles and harvest.
Originally Posted by frank4570 View Post
I was just looking at it from an end game perspective. I would think christisans and the christian god would consider the saving of souls more important than anything else.
Believing that how the message is delivered doesn't matter, is not realistic.

1) Saving souls is the highest priority.
2) Some methods will cause people to not be saved.
If it was my responsibility I would be looking into this. I would think my boss would be unhappy with me doing a bad job when I know I could do a better job.
Devote yourself fully to the work and listen to God's will as proclaimed by the scriptures and the stirrings of the Holy Spirit. It will guide you as you need to be guided for each individual in each moment. Yesterday you are not the man you are today: you've forgotten things, learned new things, and are emotionally in a different state of mind. Yesterday you may have gotten ticked off because your car wouldn't start and you got to work late. Today you may be happy because you found out it was a quick fix; all you had to do was reconnect the battery terminal to the wire that wore loose over time and needed to be re-clamped back down, and so you got to work early and relaxed for a quick minute before beginning those tasks by which you make your keep. Certain behaviors may guide us and remain throughout, but we do not always follow them unconditionally. We must then find out how to make our own lives align with Christ's directive to become like Him, and we must then find out how to bring each individual soul to Christ. Sometimes a thesis is better than a scream, sometimes a scream better than a thesis, sometimes our mere helping hand is enough to cause others to pause and reconsider their own lives, to come to the church and fold of Christ and become a true follower.

I've got my own sins, but I'm a workin' on them. And because I've got that knowledge, I have special knowledge on how to help others that I've learned and earned the hard way. And also, because of my experiences and commitments I'm suited to help people in a way that I can't even comprehend, just as the commitments of others have helped me in ways too large to number out here on GT.
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