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Originally Posted by 686Owner View Post
Are republicans telling women what to do with their bodies?
Yes, they seek to own and control the *****.

It's the only way to counter the type of "soft power" that was given to women by the Creator. In a primitive environment, men have the physical strength, women have persuasive power to influence them. By designing society where women have no/few rights, you can seize the upper hand. This is what early Christian society was like and this is what life is still like in some Stone-Age parts of the world.

The agenda of the radical right-wing Christian moralists is sick kind of post-primativism from medieval times. It's more than just about Abortion, and it's more than un-American and anti-Freedom.

Originally Posted by 686Owner View Post
What if the guy doesn't want the baby? Maybe he can choose to abort it too? Without the mother's consent of course.
If the guy is having the baby then that's his choice to make...

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(Yes, this guy really did have a baby)

Originally Posted by 686Owner View Post
What about men? Do they get free exams for prostate cancer etc?
Yeah, and STD screenings too. It's called "Men's Health Services."

You really don't know anything about this, do you?

Originally Posted by tsmo1066 View Post
So even though a 14 year-old can't legally vote, serve in the armed forces, drive or get so much as a tattoo without parental consent, in your mind they should be able legally get an invasive medical procedure done to themselves, a procedure that involves risks to both their physical and emotional health, without even informing the parents who are legally responsible for them, their safety and their actions in every other aspect of their lives?

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