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United States Postal Service (Rant)...

Short rant but I am extremely pIssed none the less. I moved In wIth my then gIrlfrIend over 2 years ago. I have been recIevIng my maIl for the vast majorIty of that tIme. About a month ago I see thIs wrItten on the maIlbox.
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SInce It Is wrItten In magIc marker I dIdn't really thInk anythIng of It. Now fast forward to today. I ordered multIple Items form Amazon and haven't receIved them. When I trIed trackIng the package It's reason was "undelIverable due to Incorrect address" I found thIs strange sInce I made no changes to my account. So I call the post offIce and was told that sInce my name was not wrItten on the InsIde of my maIlbox I can not recIeve packages. As you can tell from the pIc It Is a cluster box but we do have our own street address. I can't understand how thIs Is legal. WIthholdIng my maIl when the only notIce Is a hand wrItten statement addressed to no one. If the sellers on amazon try to recharge me for shIppIng I am serIously goIng blow a gasket.

GettIng Into what Ifs here but, what If I had some tIme sensItIve maIl I dIdn't recIeve due to thIs BS? What about addItIonal shIppIng charges I mIght recIeve? Can I hold the post offIce responsIble for those due to theIr lack of formal warnIng? I'm consIderIng wrIttIng my name wIth a nasty note but I don't know. If I legally changed my address on my state ID I don't feel the need to put my name out there (or on the InsIde of my maIlbox) for randoms to see.

Ugh spellcheck got the better of me. I'm not going through and changing all those I's
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