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When I was a lot younger we lived in Virginia (my dad is retired military). We lived in that house from kindergarten until I was in 4th grade which would have been the late 70s, for as long as I could remember I'd see what I considered gray shadows walking around our downstairs, where my bedroom was. I wasn't afraid of them and it didn't seem they even noticed I was there. I'd walk among them to head to the bathroom etc no problem. After my dad was transferred I haven't seen anything since.

About ten years or so ago my brothers and I were all together and we started talking about horror movies and ghosts. The brother I shared that room with mentioned that he'd see silver people walking around the bedroom when we lived in Virginia. That surprised me since I hadn't told anyone about the things I'd seen, he called them silver instead of gray but obviously we were seeing the same thing.

Now I work in a prison and I've heard the ghost stories from inmates and staff about certain areas of the prison. I haven't seen or heard anything but I've talked to quite a few who insist they have.
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