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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Okay, here's the thing, as I've said before. When people find that normal OC is not getting them the negative response from law enforcement they seek, they amp up their presentation, increase the drama. It might be carrying a larger firearm. It might be carrying a rifle caliber pistol. It might be carrying semi-auto versions of well known full-auto firearms. It might be changing locations and times. It might be any or a combination of those things.

Go back a few years. Honestly, some of the recordings made then, mostly audio, did support legitimate complaints and led to changes in ordinances, laws and policies after traditional complaint formats failed.

When video started appearing it became somewhat of a contest to see whose video could get the most views on YouTube. The trolling for negative encounters began in earnest, leading to videos like the one in this thread. Trying to resolve issues through normal channels became even less popular, replaced by "15-Minutes-of-Fame" Syndrome.

Oh, there are still groups and organizations working with local governments, local LE, legislatures all across the country to achieve the goals needed to secure the 2nd Amendment for all. BUT, are some of these videos actually hurting the work being done? I say yes. They are putting forth images that others say are representative of all of us who carry. That is absolutely untrue.

Now, threads like this create problems. Specifically, some of the posts responding to the video, the ones denigrating the OCers and OCers in general, they ain't helping LE's image as seen by some people who carry. And those are the most vocal people in these threads, those who have their feelings hurt by the JBTs.

Well, when someone opens a thread like this in Cop Talk, the forum on GT created by Eric specifically for LE members, the reception is going to be a bit difference than, say, if it were opened in another forum, like, oh what is it called, oh, yeah, Carry Issues. LE members here in CT are going to be critical in evaluating intent, defensive if hostility is sensed, and bluntly honest with their opinions.

This isn't a closed, by invitation only forum. It is, however, a tight knit community forum where it sometimes takes those not involved in that community time to establish credibility. Patience is a virtue. Want to jump in with both feet? Look at your LZ. Make sure you're not jumping into a pile of excrement. Not sure? PM me. Run the idea past me. Some of the cops here do before posting in CI.

Are there ways to start a thread like this without drawing battle lines? Yep.There will still be those that are skeptical about intent, but that is a better start.

Or, just try to be as confrontational, controversial as you can.

While I don't agree with everything RussP has ever said, this post deserves to be a sticky.
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