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Originally Posted by F106 Fan View Post
In the section "First response from me on Oct. 2, 2010:", there is a table that indicates that certain readings, in grains, aren't possible due to mathematical oddities related to rounding. For example, 4.7 grains should never show up on the scale. If the table is correct...

So, how is it that I can walk out to the garage, load up a trickler and dispense a 4.7 gr charge? In fact, I watched for missing increments on the way up to 4.7 and, except for the occasions where I was overexuberant in twisting the knob, every single reading appears.

Because the article is wrong. The Scale measure to .003 grams which means it's accurate to .05 Grains (actually a little better) and then the scale rounds to .1 grains. So it has more resolution then it needs for it's given task. Not less as he falsely is asserting.

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