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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
I never understood how people ever got "inside the box" in the first place.

If all I had were dime a dozen Glocks I probably shoot myself with one of them.
Getting into a 'Glock box' is easy because of how easy they are to mess with. They really don't require any hand fitting of parts, sight options are plentiful and easy to change and holsters are easy to get.

They're decent Production/Limited guns out of the box and usually function well on cheap store-bought ammo.

Everybody and their grandma runs one, so in the event that one does go down, finding spare parts or a loaner gun is easy.

I don't think they're special or exceptional, but they are easy to mess with. I usually run a Glock because of the above, but I don't particularly like 'em. It's a Glock world...

'Easy' is the key word.

'Like' not so much.
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