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Savage 11/111 Lady Hunter

Does anybody have any experience with this rifle? Has anybody even seen the thing?

Everything I've read about it says it's a good rifle, but where I live, I'll have to special order it, IF I decide to cough up the money. I'm cheap and $800 is a lot to me.

I need a new deer rifle, I like how this one looks and it sounds like it's got the things I'd like. I never thought about it before I came across this rifle, but the high comb probably WOULD help me out a lot...are there other rifles with a higher comb?
I know Savage is a decent company and everyone I know with a Savage loves whichever model they have.

I'm looking to get a 7mm-08 with a wood stock...bolt action...trying to have the least amount of recoil possible because I'm admittedly a wimp. Suggestions?
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