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Originally Posted by Snowman92D View Post
Whoa...! Better take a minute to get some Windex and wipe the spittle off your computer screen.

Relax...after all, you're the one who brought up "invisible sky men". I just pointed out that they fly Boeing aircraft into buildings and...if this weeks extradition of Muslim terrorists from the U.K. to here for trial is any indication...they continue planning to fly planes into our buildings. Invisible or not.
Actually, you brought up the "threat of Islam" and "pandering to Islamists" crap, not me. This was a thread about Romney's AWB record and I said nothing about Islam. You did. You sure you're not a closet pothead? Your memory apparently sucks worse than mine.

I understand that dope rules your mind, but I can't say that I didn't know that already. Surely you see, based on your outburst, that illegal drug use can make people come unhinged for no good reason. I'm glad you focused that on me, or on the police that have apparently reeled your kite in on at least one occasion in the past. Hope you don't show that side of you to your wife, or that girl you were playing around with at the RP campaign party.
Considering how you keep harping on women in my life, I also have to wonder whether you're gay. Those that crusade the hardest against certain things tend to be involved in it privately. Maybe we should ask Larry Craig what he thinks?

To answer your question, I'd say most Americans are more worried about being a victim of a drug-related crime, than about contrived polls showing Obama is 10 points ahead or that most people want to see dope legalized. Most crime is drug-related, you know.
Suddenly the threat of Islam isn't a part of the conversation anymore. Way to move the goal posts. Care to define what you mean by "victim of drug-related crime" or am I supposed to just project the most gruesome scenario of a crack addict raping a white woman that I can imagine? Would that also include the fact that the majority of drug-related crime, in the most general sense, is alcohol related? Care to tell us whether you consume alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs of any sort? They are all drugs.
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