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Originally Posted by JFrame View Post
In defense of Obama -- since he survived the grillings by Joy Behar and David Letterman, he probably felt he was sufficiently prepped for the debate...

Originally Posted by okie View Post
Turn up Governor Mitt Romney cheated, he went to Denver two days before to get ready and he was acclimated to the higher climate. obama got there like two hours before hand and wasn't acclimated to the higher climate yet, so that's why Governor Romney did better in the debate. Damn cheater anyway
Next time King Obama will be ready to cheat!!

King Obama's director, Mr Axelrod, will him prepped and ready for the next one....not sure it will can only put so much lipstick on a turd!

The debate I think will be entertaining is the Biden-Ryan. Let's see how Bite-me Biden rattles off and interrupts Ryan. It'll be a show....or should be.

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