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Originally Posted by Psychman View Post
LOL. Stupid Ruger? Interesting considering how successful they have been. Ruger makes great guns, but sometimes you have to wait a bit. I am on a waiting list for the 10-22 takedown at my local gunshop and can get the gun at a lower price than online. I am content.
I would say they make ok guns. I have 3 and only the 1986 Blackhawk needed no tweeking to be 100%. It's also one out of 20 I handled that had a perfect trigger with no creep. That's why I bought it to be honest. The '86 was new in box that sat in a safe for years. Both my 10-22 International and Charger needed a better aftermarket extractor to be 100% with all ammo and an aftermarket hammer for a better trigger pull on both. That is just crazy and only a few bucks for a perfect product. I have yet to find a good trigger on any of their bolt rifles including the latest offerings. How hard can that be. I was all set to buy a new LH 308 Scout until I dry fired it and handled the magazine....terrible and sub par magazine. Both would cost a few bucks to correct at the factory. Just handled a nice Ruger 1911 but the Mim parts were rough and now know why it's $600. I have not handled their AR-15 yet so it may be ok.
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