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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
Your reply is, both, a non-sequitur as well as a misleading exaggeration of what I've said.

There are two great hunters and game takers in the Bible: Nimrod and Esau. Both were detestable to God; but, please, don't let me interfere with your love of a, 'blood sport'.

As I've had to learn for myself, sport hunting - whether or not the game is consumed - is something a man has to, 'grow through' as he matures and draws closer to God. If you're not quite there yet, believe me, I'm able to understand!
What I meant by baiting, and the reason it does logically follow, is because it seems your objection to handgun hunting is you don't like sport hunting, and you don't want an animal to suffer, but you still seem willing to eat meat.

Therefore, if we want to eat some tasty wild animal out there, it would seem the most logical conclusion would be to get as close to the animal as possible for the shot, and not making a sport of it. Putting out bait and having a spotlight ready would accomplish that.

Then use the best tool for the job, whether it be rifle or handgun.
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