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Originally Posted by 686Owner View Post
Free email has it's price. Try signing up for a pay service.
I just LOVE the really nice, helpful people on GNG.

As it happens, I DO have an E-mail address that I PAY for, but the spam handling, and the amount of storage space on Yahoo is vastly superior.

And, if you will reread the VERY FIRST sentence I wrote, at the VERY top of my rather lengthy post, you will see the phrase: 'my Yahoo E-mail account: the one I use for EVERYTHING'.

I've had this E-mail account for at LEAST ten years, while I changed ISP's just 2 or 3 years ago, so EVERYONE I know sends me E-mail at this Yahoo account.

It's the E-mail account I use for,,,, and dozens of other websites.

I use that E-mail account to send out between 300 and 400 E-mails a months for my work to reunite owners with their lost cats. My work attracted the attention of a local radio station: they invited me to be interviewed, live, on their program. It is a small independent FM station.

I had to decline: some people say they have a face made for radio: I have a voice that's made for E-mail.

I have severe asthma, and the inhaled steroids, and other inhaled asthma meds, has left me with a voice like a middle aged woman who smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day. I cringe when I hear my recording on my answering machine.

But I digress. My apologies.

I REALLY need to get into that Email account.

I receive about 2 dozen E-mails a day on that account that requires an immediate reply, and at least that many more that I don't have to respond to, as well, but are important to me.
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