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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
Ok, then it is not handguns that bother you, but sport hunting.

Using your logic, hunting with a rifle is bad too. But if it must be done, the logical conclusion is it should be done over bait to get the animal in close, maybe at night with a spotlight too. Better yet to raise your own animals and kill them at contact distance.

However, the guy making a mess up close with a handgun didn't know what he was doing, so I wouldn't put all handgun users down for that guy's mistakes. Farm animals are not generally slaughtered with .458 magnums.

But back to sport hunting, what is wrong with it? Is it that the animal might briefly suffer? Or is it that the hunter takes pleasure in the experience?

The meat eater takes pleasure in the experience of eating meat, and could instead choose to be vegetarian. So why should the sport hunter not take pleasure in the pursuit, method of killing, and the eventual eating? As we all know, the sport hunter appreciates the wild animals and helps to preserve their habitat, and keep the species thriving.
Your reply is, both, a non-sequitur as well as a misleading exaggeration of what I've said.

There are two great hunters and game takers in the Bible: Nimrod and Esau. Both were detestable to God; but, please, don't let me interfere with your love of a, 'blood sport'.

As I've had to learn for myself, sport hunting - whether or not the game is consumed - is something a man has to, 'grow through' as he matures and draws closer to God. If you're not quite there yet, believe me, I'm able to understand!
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