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Originally Posted by Gallium View Post
I hope if a herd of swine decide to make a meal out of your dad or son I am there instead of you to save the life of that human.

You might want to rethink your interpretation of God's will, and the laws that govern true Christianity.

Let's keep things in context - OK. I was specifically referring to biblical laws regarding hunting; but, thank you for expanding the definition to include self-defense. That's an acceptable reason for ending life, too.

PS: If you reread my first post in this thread you should be able to see that I have little, or no, problem ending an animal's life by reason of self-defense.

I didn't get to be my present age because I needed someone else to bail me out every time I got in trouble. Self-defense and I are, 'old friends'; but, now, we're no longer talking about scriptural concepts as they relate to sport hunting - We're talking about self-defense.

As far as my comments to ithaca_deerslayer go, self-defense is NOT the message I was hoping to put across. If I confused you, I apologize.

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