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[QUOTE=IndyGunFreak;19499482]Ok, the Liberty... I kind of understand. Israel was at war, they claimed they didn't know the ship was ours. They paid reparations to families, servicemen and the US because of the incident. Yeah, that's small potatoes I know.. The little folks in the idf attacted a U.S. ship and killed U.S. sailors. A supposed incident when n. vietnam boats attacked a U.S. ship was enough to justify the U.S. going to war in Vietnam. Why was israel cut slack for an actual attack? Who cares if they said, "So sorry. We made a little mistake. Here's some chump change to jingle in your pocket. Here's a nice Hallmark card for you to read. Be sure and keep sending the foreign aid."

As for Pollard... if you really don't think that we have spies in Israel, despite them being our ally, you're fooling yourself. I imagine we have spies in almost every nation in the world, both friend and foe. I'm guessing most nations in this world, also have spies here in the US. It's just the way it is. So... we're supposed to cut a supposed ally and a traitor slack? Really? So... if the same exact thing is done by a traitor and some other nation... let's say maybe... mexico, canada, n.korea, china, etc., then we're supposed to just say, "Stuff happens!" and then smile and go right on giving them lots of money, etc. Oh! Wait a minute! We give lots of money, etc. to israel! And from them we get... nothing! At least with mexico, canada, china... we get free trade. And from n.korea we get... kabuki!
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