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Can't access my Yahoo E-mail account...

Crap! I can't access my Yahoo E-mail account: the one I use for EVERYTHING.

It KEEPS asking me for a cell phone number 'for security purposes', and I sure as hell don't want to give them mine.

The FIRST thing Yahoo, or Google, or Lycos, or Bing does when they get their greasy hands on your cell phone number, is SELL it to as many on line merchants as possible.

They ARE in business to MAKE MONEY, after all. And there is absolutely NOTHING too low for these vultures to do, to make money.

I got the absolute cheapest cell phone, and cell phone plan, I could find. I paid $35 for the phone, which doesn't even have a camera in it, and I use a prepaid plan from T-Mobil. I buy $25 to $50 worth of minutes a year, and as long as I buy more minutes before it's been a year since the last time I bought minutes, unused minutes roll over for the next year.

My plan doesn't even have the ability to send text messages, and I tried like hell to get a plan that doesn't RECEIVE them, either, but T-Mobil, those arseholes, wants to be able to send me text messages from time to time, since each message they send me eats up two minutes worth of talk time, or almost 35 cents per text message I receive.

That adds up REALLY quickly, if I start getting several text messages every day, from all the people that Yahoo will sell my cell phone number to.

And, I sure don't want Yahoo, or ANYBODY else, to be sending me any MORE text messages, either.

Does anybody know of a way to get around giving Yahoo a cell phone number?

I tried giving them my land line number, but Yahoo came back INSTANTLY, and said they were unable to send a text message to that number. Well DUH: it's a LAND LINE number. It seemed like it was worth a try, though.

Despite what Yahoo may think, no EVERYBODY on the planet HAS a cell phone.

I just checked, and I can log into several OTHER Yahoo E-mail accounts that I have.

Also, when I TRY to log into my main E-mail account, and it asks me for my cell phone number, at the top of the page with the 'error' message, it has my first name; the name that is associated with the account.

So, I'm AM logged in: Yahoo just won't let me access my E-mail account.

I am NOT going to give Yahoo my cell phone number.

That being said: does anybody have any ideas? Yahoo's 'hep' page suggests crap like 'open and close your browser' 'clear your cache and cookies'., close all other open pages, and other worthless crap.

I have Firefox as my main browser, but I also have Google Chrome, and Opera, too, though I rarely use them.

I can't access my E-mail through Chrome or Opera, and I simply never, EVER use Internet Explorer.
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