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Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
I think I would support you in that decision, LW. As long as there was no hope, that is.
Thanks. I'm glad of that, even though lack of support wouldn't change the decision.

Originally Posted by Silent_Runner View Post
Wolfe the cancer has not spread as on now and it probably will not. There is no need for you to plan in giving up while you are still winning your battle. You are going to beat this cancer and rebuild your life.
Beating it, that's the plan. I don't know if I will or I won't. I'll just have to finish my chemo, have my surgery, then wait and see. Of course my fingers will be crossed, too.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
Nursing home? Hell, no! My FIL is in one and that's the last place I want to go. My idea is that we all pool our resources and buy a very large condo on a beach somewhere. A couple of nurses and docs on call should do. Don't shoot me down, I can dream, can't I?

No, she can't give up now, and she hasn't. Besides, she hasn't visited me yet.

I slept better last night with a little OTC non Benadryl help. I had to get up early for work yesterday so that helped, too. Plus Mrs Bob vacated the bed again. I'm having a little pain but nothing major. Just enough to start my hydrocodone again. I'm trying to get off it. Something is zapping my energy and I don't like it. Hopefully that will pass soon too.
Hey, I like your idea! Convert the beach condo into our own private nursing home, complete with onsite bar!

I'm glad your back is healing up OK, hopefully you'll be your old self soon. Let's also send up prayers for Magnus, he just had surgery on his back.

Originally Posted by 427 View Post

You're tough. Just as tough as my dad. Don't sell yourself short. I have faith in you.

My dad's cancer, now that's it's recurrent, is no longer curable. The only thing that the doc can do is treat/control it. At some point there'll be no treatments left or my dad will say enough. How much sand he has in his hourglass I don't know - but I treat every day I have with him as gift - because it is.

You can beat this. If you decide that you've had enough, I'd understand, - but I'd be sad.


Silent_Runner, thanks.
I hate to hear that your dad's cancer is incurable, although I figured it was once it came back. It usually is at that point. I hope he's able to enjoy the time he has left and isn't in pain.

Originally Posted by Restless28 View Post
LW, we will probably never meet, so if we don't, I'm giving you a virtual hug and sending whatever love I can your way.
Thank you. But you never know, we could meet. You're not THAT far away from me. I've actually met about a half dozen GT'ers in state. The only state I've met more GT'ers from is Arizona. There's a chance I'll be traveling there soon and if I do, meeting more GT'ers.

Originally Posted by dango View Post
Ditto on that Restless28 and a virtual kiss from me Loone Wolfe

Just get better , I insist..........!
Looney_Wolfe, yeah, you got me figured out!

back. Hope you're doing better, too.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
Loone Wolfe?? Freudian slip? : rofl:
Yep, sure is. Need to add that to the list of names you gave me a while back.

I'm almost dome with my chemo, thankfully. It makes me feel so crappy I really don't think I could stand it much longer. Plus it seems like all the side effects I'm having just make my chest hurt worse. The nightmare still come calling most every time I fall asleep, and yes, I still get shot in my dreams. So does Greg, and other people.
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