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Never answer the door.

We have had some in my area that are either casing houses for burglary or planning home invasion robberies. Usually a innocent enough looking female knocks on the door claiming to have a flat tire/being chased by a abusive boyfriend/lost and need directions, anything to get you to open the door. When you do 2 of her thug buddies bust in and rob you. If no one answers then they break in the back door and burglarize you.

If it happens to you call the police and let them check it out.

I live in a nice city, but we have a serious burglary problem that has developed in the last few years.

I keep the outside of my house bright as daylight, and the inside pitch black. If a bad guy comes in on me I want him to not be able to see a thing and be more focused on finding a light switch than coming to the back of the house. Its my house, I know the layout and I have the advantage.

I keep a 870 with #4 buck and a P220R with a weapon light in the bedroom with me. I also have a huge dog that loves his mama inside.

Be prepared. It can happen to anyone. Thugs dont rob their neighbors. They go to the suburbs and look for soft targets in nice neighborhoods.
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