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Originally Posted by chilnbloc View Post
Thanks for the advice Yankee. I am leaning more towards the gen 3 just because I dont want a lot of problems with this gun since it is going to be my first one. Glock is probably going to come out with something else in a couple years anyways.
You're welcome. If you can buy new from a dealer that will give you LEO pricing (399.99) just buy new. If they won't and they want to charge you $499-549 walk out and order from Summit. Even with the extra $60 for shipping and paperwork you're $100 under a new one. The end result is the same. A damn fine fighting pistol. Use the other $100 for your holster if they don't provide one. The ALS is really a level II design even though it is marketed as a level III. It's a solid holster and can be had for less than $100 in STX finish.
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