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Originally Posted by engineer151515 View Post
You guys can believe what you want.

I lived in a house for 16 years that was paranormal "hot". Everything from visuals to voices to shadows to moved objects. Young kids seem to pick up the most. These are children that know no history of the house which ask who is the stranger in the laundry room. Our children saw them. Sometimes they said something. When one particularly nasty spirit showed up, I learned fifteen years later in that my daughter saw it too and dared not mention it. Let's just say, it was something you just hoped would just pass and not focus it's attention on you. Over the years the place seems to act as some sort of travel point. The house is hot to this day.
I understand that. Apartments are the worst for that sort of thing. I remember when I was in Laredo, I had a small one bedroom apartment that was relatively new. Never had a problem there. Then, my fiancee was going to move down from NE, (we are married and have been so for about 13 years now), so we could get married. I knew I needed a bigger place.

I am pretty sensitive to this sort of thing, always have been. I guess that has been my gift, discerning spirits. When I toured the older apartment, nothing on the radar.

The day I moved in was completely different. A demonic entity wanting to take the form of a woman was at the top of the stairwell glaring at me.

I knew I would have to begin the process of taking over the place. This thing didn't want to go, so it was a process of prayer and persistance.

Eventually, I had cleansed the whole of the apartment, though I failed to enter one room. The room my fiancee was going to stay in until we were married and made it right.

I was in the Border Patrol working all kinds of shift work. My fiancee moved in and she took the spare room.

I got a call on the later part of a swing shift. She was begging me to come home. I told her, I was in the fiield, and that just wasn't an option.

She told me there was a creepy woman walking up and down the stairs calling her by name.

I had never told her about my experiences in the apartment. I had also never talked with her about the ability God had given me. It isn't widely discussed even in Christian cirlces, because it makes people uncomfortable. I was in the process of marrying this woman, I certainly didn't wan to drive her away.

But, there are times like this you have to have a frank conversation.
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