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You indicated that you want a 9mm, but possibly one of the "newer" HK pistols. The P2000SK is an excellent subcompact; it's about the same size and weight as a G26. I have one in .40, and it's the same size as my G27. It's a very comfortable pistol to shoot.

HK's do come in a number of trigger variants. If you're looking for something without a safety that's "double action only," the LEM trigger is an excellent choice. It's got a light pull with a little stacking prior to the let-off. It's got a short reset, has no safety, and is very easy to use after a little practice.

I have a USP compact in .45, which is a sister companion to my HK45C. The HK45C is what the USP45C should have been; it's a little more refined, uses the same mags, and is every bit as reliable. They're not very "compact;" they are about the same size as a Sig P220, or a P229, and not much smaller than a Beretta. I'm quite happy with my HK's; the heavy double action trigger isn't a very good pull. The LEM triggers are great; they're on par with the Sig DAK trigger, if you've had a chance to use them, although I'd give the DAK a higher score.

HK's are expensive. Most firearms are, these days. They tend to be very reliable, very ergonomic, very easy to use, easy to care for, and relatively forgiving. Personally, I think they're worth the money. I own a number of them, both handguns and rifles. Some say they're overpriced, and some just don't like them. I have a USP45 given me by my brother, simply because he didn't like it. I've taken it with me on some trips to some obscure places, and have been quite satisfied, with one particular exception. I still use it. It's taken a back seat to the HK45C, however, as the HK45 is a little more ergonomic and refined.

Try them and see for yourself . Borrow or rent; you'll likely be quite satisfied.
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