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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
I said negligent homicide, and it wouldn't be the result of "bad parenting" in the same manner as your other examples (all of which were at least one level removed), but rather from denying their child on obvious life saving medical procedure (direct inaction).

But back to my last point, are we staying on the topic of vaccinations or are we taking side trips down every "what if" scenario you can think of? Or option three (your apparent choice) where you can take as many tangents as you like, but you expect all of us to confine ourselves explicitly to vaccinations?
My posts have always been about vaccinations. It's everyone else who jumped on about everything "what ifs."
Sounds like he has nothing left but be a monkey's uncle. It's not like he's got a monkey's manhood left.

And thank YOU for being perfect, all the time, every time. Go forth and reproduce. We need more of you.
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