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Originally Posted by shotgunred View Post
If you are getting a big ball of flame out of the barrel i would recommend trying a different (faster) powder. Because you are not burning all your powder before the bullet leaves the barrel. Once the bullet leaves the barrel it won't gain any speed and the left over powder is just wasted.
I understand fully what you are saying, and I do use faster burning powders like Accurate no. 5. A faster powder is typically going to have higher pressures at similar velocities, and they just can't keep up with BD or other slower burning powders like A9. I have tested several dozen distinct workups with 6 different powders under numerous bullet combos in 10mm. BD groups like an absolute champ in my G20, and it is a very good performer when I feel like getting some higher velocities.

So a bit of muzzle flash that is imperceptible in the day is just more of a side note than a problem.
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