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New Glock 19 FDE Ejection Experience

After not owning a Glock for a year or two, and steering clear of the new ones from all the problems people have posted, I was inspired to give one of the Gen 4s a try by the survey posted on here in which people have said their new Gen 4s have been great.

On Saturday, I bought a brand new Glock 19 in Flat Dark Earth. It is really new, the shell casing is dated 9/20/12. I took it to the range on Sunday, after cleaning and lubing it, and ran just over 100 rounds through it (I had other guns to shoot as well), mostly 124 grain Aguila and RWS, with just a few Speer Gold Dots and Rangers.

I am of mixed feelings about the ejection. When I shot it, it seemed great; the only brass that hit me was brass that bounced off the lane divider and hit me in the arm. Almost all the brass ejected to the right to the lane divider, with a few sailing over my head and to the right.

However, I had my wife put a couple magazines through it, and it was terrible. It was barely coughing out most of the casings, hit her in the forehead with brass once, and she even had a failure to return to battery. Now, I will gladly admit that my wife really needs to work on her grip; she lets the gun move around enough that she has to readjust her grip almost every shot. However, she used that same poor grip on her M&P compact we have had since 2008, and it flung brass straight out to the right with authority.

I am interested to see how things will develop when I get more rounds through the gun. 100 rounds is hardly an exhaustive test. For now, I just wanted to share my experience with a very new Glock 19 Gen 4. I think there is enough evidence on this forum that the Gen 4 problems are not solely, or even primarily, caused by limp wristing, but I can say in the case of my Glock, it certainly seemed to be a contributing factor.
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