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Glock 22 vs 23 - is the cost worth it?

im looking at getting a gen 4 in .40 (or getting a beretta but lets narrow this down to the glock option first...ill still end up with a beretta in a few months anyway...)

so heres where im stuck..
i have a oppurtunity to get a glock 23 gen 4 new with a LW 107mm barrel (canadian min length) for $825+tax and +30 shipping..these usually go for $1000 plus shipping and tax here
where the glock 22 is $700 locally and there is glock day coming up on oct 28th so they usually go on sale for $650-675.
so there is a big price jump for the 22 vs it worth it??

what do you guys think?

i currently have a 17 gen 4, really like it. as of today ive got 1100 rounds through her without any issues. brass doesnt throw in the same spot but it all comes out and throws so that isnt a issue to me.
my sig p226 will put 9/10 casings into the same spot, today i put a box that was 4"x8" opening next to me and almost all the casings landed in it...much easier than picking up the empties lol
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