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Originally Posted by GaGlock01 View Post

We know that you are on Jury duty this week so you are not expected in.

Very sad to hear you are not wanting to take the promotion we offered you.

The company has only so many technicians available. We draw jobs and assign technicians to fulfill these job positions as deemed necessary within our pool of available employees.

The company only promots from within, you agreed to be brought in to the company and grow with our company. We are trying to grow you as a valuable employee, if you canít fulfill your obligations and commitments to the company then we must find another source to fill this need.

Please advise your position to XXXXX and I so we will know how to move forward.

Do what another QC friend of mine did

Take the job, immediately get a headhunter looking for a better position while you deal with the current company.

Upon new employment, leave old company without notice, sending a C*** S***** email to your higher ups.
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