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Originally Posted by slick64 View Post
Sounds to me like he was already deemed expendable. Take it or get fired is not a promotion anywhere I ever worked.
I wouldn't say expendable. I'd say malleable.

A buddy of mine worked for an aerospace company that way that way. They knew he was a family man and knew they could tighten the screws to him.

Being a defense/aerospace company, some of his supervisors were from military and corner you/getting all up in your face DI style.
He was forced to do the work of 2.5 other people. He was on salary, but was forced to work six day and then seven a week.

The thing is, he was actually fairly indispensable, he was one of a couple people with some type of special certification that the U.S. Gov't requires.

It took a year for a headhunter to find simlar pay, but he did bolt from the company.

That caused a month in which no products could be shipped, as no one was qualified to sign off on the inspection.
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