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Howdy AM.

The thread was a question to Christians about evangelism methods. I tried to answer his question (and would kind of like to know why he asked it -- maybe he'll share). I wasn't engaged in apologetics. It wasn't a defense of Christianity, so, no need to attack the defense that wasn't there. It was a behind the scenes look at evangelism.

No offense, but you're helping me make a point I asserted a few posts ago, about how the atheists here pop up to say "God doesn't exist" regardless of thread context. You felt the need to remind me that what I believe is vaporous, though I hadn't asked for an opinion on it. It was a... free gift. Atheist grace.

I saw a thread about atheism. I'm going to read it because I want to know. It's not a vacuum of belief, it's not a 'replacement' belief system, so it must be something else. I'll go check it out. Promise I won't comment.
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