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Originally Posted by molar View Post
I took the non lci extractor and slb out of my gen 2 22 and tried it in the 19. It holds the 9mm case much more securely to the breechface than a 9mm extractor of an gen. I'm betting this solves my ejection problems. I'll know Friday for sure
The .40 extractor claw is set a little farther back than a 9mm claw. I can't find the picture now but there was a picture on this forum of a 9mm and .40 extractor set right on top of each other that showed this. The .40 claw is angled rearward by 5 degrees to help raise the case mouth of the larger .40 casing up higher before it starts to exit the ejection port, the top of the claw is set a little closer to the breech face.

Some people have been able to drop a .40 extractor right into their 9mm slides and it fixed the ejection problem, however one person on this forum had to file down the top of the claw slightly to allow the 9mm case rim to slide under the claw properly. Once he did, it worked and fixed the ejection problem, but this lends to the idea that there is variation in how the cut-out in the slide for the extractor is placed.
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