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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Iím really glad you posted this. Iíve seen your previous thread about your dad, and Iím still praying for him to beat this. Heís tough, and I think he still will. Iíll say heís a lot tougher than I am, I damn sure have complained. Iím the type that if I hurt or am sick I wonít hide it in here or from the friend whoís taking care of me right now. I don't claim to be either tough or stoic.

Iím not going to try to compare your dadís cancer of chemo side effects to mine, thatís just not possible. I do hope theyíre less severe, for his sake. I have to think of him suffering for so long. Thereís so many different kinds of cancer and different chemo drugs, and we all handle them differently. Iíll just say that my side effects are bad enough that my oncologist has referred to me to 2 specialists so far.

But when I said Iíd probably opt out of another round of chemo I have another reason. When I first started my treatment here in the States my oncologist laid a lot on info on the table. Right now my cancer is considered curable. When I finish chemo and have my mastectomy, my odds will be about 60-65% in favor of being cured and staying that way for at least 5 years. But if my cancer returns, itíll be somewhere besides the breast. Lungs, liver, brain, are the most likely places. At that point, according to my oncologist, it wonít be considered curable. So I wouldnít be taking chemo with hopes of being rid of the cancer like I am now, Iíd simply be postponing the inevitable. To me, that changes things completely. Right now, I think if those become my options, Iíd prefer to enjoy the time I had left as much as possible. I canít speak for your father, because his cancer sounds like it might still be curable. I hope it is.


You're tough. Just as tough as my dad. Don't sell yourself short. I have faith in you.

My dad's cancer, now that's it's recurrent, is no longer curable. The only thing that the doc can do is treat/control it. At some point there'll be no treatments left or my dad will say enough. How much sand he has in his hourglass I don't know - but I treat every day I have with him as gift - because it is.

You can beat this. If you decide that you've had enough, I'd understand, - but I'd be sad.


Silent_Runner, thanks.
Death twitches my ear. "Live," he says, "I am coming."
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Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think.
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