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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
A. You're breaking your wrists when you are getting BTF. Plain as day to see.

B. lose the operator gloves as they are over the top for the pistol range

C. make shorter vids that are to the point.
Originally Posted by FFR Spyder GT View Post

Yeah, but you're doing it wrong that's why you're getting BTF.

Ditch the gloves, stand up straight ( I've never understood the "Look at my butt, ain't it cute?" stance ) learn how to grip your Glock and the BTF problem will go away.

Thanks for posting the video because it clears shows what you are doing wrong.

Pretty simple.
f@#$ing please, are you two really glock employees or are you just super fanboys?
ive asked you guys before, can you MAKE a glock eject to the left or foward? my gen 3 was a consistent 6:00 ejecting glock with the occasional left/foward left ejection. it was completely random with dozens of ammo types, cheap and quality. if it was ejecting erratically, it would usually stovepipe that day.
Again, how would you explain this gen 3 ejecting at 6:00 in a vice?
this is how it normally ejected-
I can say i know you both are 100% wrong cause ive owned a complete POS 03/12 gen 3 19 and 08/12 gen 4 that so far has functioned flawless with much better ejection(as seen here)-
same shooter, same ammo, different gun. please tell me its my grip- if i need to do more than this, i dont want a glock.(how would you explain a video i have of me literally barely holding the gun, letting it recoil to the point it goes almost vertical, but ejection doesnt change- stays to the right)
BTW- please lets see a vid of either of you shooting. show us the proper way please. Also, show me a video of either of you getting a glock to eject at 6:00 or left on command. Any ammo, any grip. ill be waiting.
Raleigh Glocker- excellent video that illustrates this problem. I was in the same boat at one point where i may not have believed it myself since my glock track record up until my late gen 3 was perfect.
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