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Originally Posted by RyanNREMTP View Post
I guess we could talk politics but then we would still be talking about crap.

Outhouse Hub, the misinformation solution.
What the heck, I have a little bit of an insider's view point, so I will put out what I think.

I don't say too much about politics on this forum. But, I am quite serious when I say that the O is not the answer. There are people I know of who are considering voting for him, since historically, (supposedly), the Democrats have been good for the federal workers. Our most current executive branch admin has not been that good. Too much nonsense has come out of it, and way too much spending on the wrong things. Both sides are still in favour of our broken system of taxation verses having a fair tax that would benefit everyone.

So many people are used to socialism lite, (medicare; medicaid; food stamps, so forth and so on), but now so many think they are ready for socialism the hard version. Interesting is that the Soviet Union, (in the past); Mainland China; North Korea; and Cuba, have built restrictions to keep people in, and to not allow people out of the countries they are born in as regular subjects of their respective governments; yet the O and some others in this country are wanting to go that direction. Finally even some of the Democrats who have seen the light have had it with him. He has a real bad case of NPD, and should never have been voted into office. Look at world history concerning Saddam Hussein; Hitler, and so on to get a good idea of the direction that he is headed in.

If the NSA, or any other federal agency is looking at this thread, do your research. You know I am right.

Personally and professionally we need a right of center centrist, because to go to one extreme or the other is not a good thing. It looks like Mitt Romney is who we will have for the next POTUS. Maybe we will have a Republican Legislature as well.

The dangerous part either way things happen will be in the following weeks if the O and the Democrats get voted out entirely. If the O is voted in, look for things to start getting that much worse, early on. The worst part of it will come from the racists, from both the lightest to the darkest colours. And, you will know why the NDAA was signed as voted for in the Legislative Branch.
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