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Originally Posted by FrankZ View Post
I have been following this thread in a somewhat distracted way, but I have a question.

Is it conceivable that there is a bit of play that is introduced in the ejector because of heat? It would seem to me that if heat, either over time or during a range session, were to allow the ejector to move it may end up making contact incorrectly and thus, well, ejecting incorrectly.
I suppose that's possible, but I wouldn't put it very high on my list of "suspects". I don't shoot my gun fast enough to get it more than warm. I had severe problems with my first Gen 4 G19 - bad enough that I finally traded it in where I bought it for an M&P. I did tell the buyer that it was a problem gun. My second Gen 4 G19 is much better, but still not perfect. Neither gun ever got very hot.

I bet that if you did a poll, you would find that those who shoot mag dumps don't have any higher percentage of problems than those who don't, if you normalize for factors like total rounds through the gun, cleaning schedule, type of ammo, and etc.
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