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Originally Posted by trdvet View Post
From what I was told he was a retire/rehire. TX DPS is big on rowing now and made it required PT. He got to 1600 meters and then had a heart attack on the rowing machine.

I was going to mention about that and held back.

A few years back DPS got some funds/deal with Homeland Security/Border Patrol for extra support. It was like 500 to 1000 Troopers. I know a number of local Troopers that retired and rehired with the same rank and area. Now they were good in there day, but like most in their 50's are not at their prime. They also had the new PT tests (a few options IIRC based on age). It had a lot of the older worried, but they liked the deal they got to leave and come back.

I wonder if this will make any changes to what they were/are doing. Boxing had the "knock out" taken away.
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