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Originally Posted by JR View Post
Colorado: It took 6 mos to manufacture all the reamers. Anybody could have had a custom reamed chamber within days had they simply sent sample rounds of their reloads with the barrel. FYI: If somebody happens to tell us to take our best guess then we will always guess on the small size.

Docta: I remember when that video was on the news. I love it! The application fits for sure.
It took six months to get the reamers for what you have standardized on as the "GTHole", but if they sent you assembled rounds, you would have been able to cut them with custom reamers in a shorter period of time? Is that what you are saying?

Before you answer, remember that you use a tapered reamer that can cut a chamber any way you need depending on how far you feed the reamer in. I don't see how that could possibly work since you'd be moving the chamber forward as you go and screwing up the headspace, but that is what you said.

To people who are lucid, none of this will make any sense to you. JR has contradicted himself several times in just a few posts and his exlpanations don't make sense, so don't try to figure this out.
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