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Originally Posted by Remington 870 View Post
P.A adopted the model 37 first before New York. the NYSP changed guns due to several police involved shootings real close to one another. they felt the glock 17 was under powered. I feel it is a training issue and the fact that cops dont practice as mush as they need to. so they wasted thousands of New York state residents tax money and bought the glock 37's there was and article in the I think 2007/2008 Glock annual magizine that gives more facts about when,why they switched guns etc. It dont matter what caliber you shoot if you cant shoot and get good hits it dosen't matter what caliber you use.
The issue was shooting through cover. In 2006 several troopers were killed in the line of duty. One of them in a traffic stop attempting to shoot through a car while being shot at. IIRC, not all of the troopers rounds penetrated the car and hit the suspects. I do think they were using either standard pressure 124 gold dot or 147 gold dot. I think morale sucked so they decided to get bigger guns to make people feel good.

My dept is doing the same thing. No COL or merit/step raises since 08 but somehow we managed to buy everyone an M&P15 rifle.... Just boosting morale. I wouldn't doubt it if glock gave NYSP a sweet deal too. (we just bought new caprice cruisers too)

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