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Feeding the Malcontent, (State Corrections)

In order to not run afoul of current regulations I work with, I will attribute this to what I have seen in the state system that I used to work in. However, I would not be surprised as to how much this applies in many prison settings.

When feeding inmates it is amazing at times the amount of complaining that I have heard. I'm thinking it really hasn't changed that much over the years. What they have been fed was deemed nutritionally sufficient, and varied enough to keep them in reasonably good health, and to have been done on a budget.

It is sometimes interesting when I have mentioned to them about how good they really have it. The responses I have gotten were varied, of course; but usually they reek of discontent. No, they haven't gotten everything they wanted. But, they have gotten fed the nutrients of a life sustaining diet, and gaining weight was easy enough. They were not forced into hard labor in our country, since there are those who deem that to be cruel, and unusual punishment. They haven't had to grow there own food to survive, nor have they had to bribe the guards with money in order to have food brought in to them from the outside, (not to mention that was illegal).

In some countries it is expected that there will be a family member who will bring food in from the outside, or else the inmate goes hungry. In some others if they are lucky enough they will get enough to live on, and to survive. I remember when the county I was born in used to feed a couple of bologna and cheese sandwiches, and maybe some cold cereal a day, (I was involved in local jail ministry then), yet these knuckleheads that I have watched over the years in the state were complaining because the food didn't meet there personal dietary standards; while getting three hots and cot.

Get a clue inmates, (some of those incarcerated will possibly see this), don't get convicted of crimes against society. Then you can eat what you can afford to eat on your money, or ours if you are on welfare.
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