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Originally Posted by F106 Fan View Post
Pay heed to the 'kinetic bullet puller'. The collet style works well for rifle bullets, doesn't work at all for semi-wadcutter pistol bullets and is only marginal for other pistol bullets.

Although I have the RCBS version, this one looks like it will work just as well and it's cheaper:

SARDG's point was that when you use a taper crimp die to close up the case mouth, you don't want to go so far that you dent the plating. The way to test the adjustment is to assemble a round and then pull the bullet. If there is no mark from the crimp, at least the round is over-crimped. But you need to crimp far enough that the case is straight and the mouth doesn't stick up.

Oh, and you really do want to use a taper crimp die even if it didn't come in the die set.

Hey Richard you did mean " at least the round is not over-crimped" didn't you?
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