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Originally Posted by Glocksanity View Post

And now you know why.

They make vaccines mandatory. They give unlimited indemnity to the vaccine manufacturers. The population gets sicker and sicker and we end up with Obamacare. What a great country!!

So, if I click the link I get and if I click the "disclaimer" I discover that the source of this fabulous scientific data, is copyright owner:

Traditional Homeopathy Andreas Bachmair,
Certified Homeopathic Practitioner (also under Swiss law) Park 31,
Bahnhofstr. 31
CH-8280 Kreuzlingen,
Switzerland: 0041-71-6700672 and Fax: 01212-5-350-17-504 (from Germany)_

Really? How stupid would I have to be to make healthcare decisions about children based on the combined knowledge of a web site by a homeopathy "practitioner" and some "vaccine injury" lawyers.

Hey, what do the guys in the voodoo shops in New Orleans think about vaccinations?
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