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Originally Posted by Gallium View Post
Yes, but there are a few laws I don't try to mess with.

IRS stuff
Gun stuff
Insurance/compliance stuff
Use of deadly force as an affirmative defense

and when I was much younger,
What was the age for consent
Speed limits

Not saying anyone else has to be like me, just how I chose to roll.

"Freedom" is not simply free. You have to earn your spot in a free society.
I pay my accountant ungodly sums of money for the IRS stuff, because it isn't possible for someone who doesn't spend all day studying tax law to get it 100% right every time.

I'm not saying people should disregard the law... I'm just saying there comes a point when the number of laws becomes so large that even those with the best of intentions can't know or follow them all.

In the mean time, we all do our best I guess.
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