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I almost didn't post in this thread because I dislike the use of the phrase "true believer" as applied to lawfully carrying a handgun as a dedicated defensive weapon in a civilian environment. I simply think it sounds weird, and is probably likely to be taken out of context by other folks, especially those who are anxious to find fault in people being able to lawfully carry weapons in public.

I've carried a badge for 30 years. As a young cop I carried everywhere. Big handguns, too. As time passed, and the newness wore off, I found there were times, situations and circumstances in which it was either not practical, or often not appropriate, to be armed on my own time. (No, I'm not going to give examples. It ought to be easy enough to figure out.)

Nowadays I still carry a retirement weapon more often than not. Just depends. If I had to put a "number" to it, I'd say probably 90+% ... over the course of a year. That doesn't mean there might not be a few consecutive days when I'm not carrying a concealed handgun.

That also doesn't mean I'm "defenseless", either.

I'm familiar with all the debates and arguments. I've gone to listen to John Grossman a couple of times, too. I understand his subject matter and thoughts.

I've been a LE firearms instructor for more than 20 years.

I've spoken with a few hundred CCW licensees over the years. (Yes, we have them in CA.) I've seldom met one who claimed to carry their weapon(s) a majority of the time.

As a LE firearms instructor I've known my fair share of cops who chose not to be armed on their own time. I remember Grossman stating he's seen statistics indicating that maybe almost 20% of active/off-duty cops carry weapons. Maybe so.

I remember attending a class on LEOKA (law enforcement officers killed & assaulted), and when the attending students were asked if they were armed, approx 60% of the hands were raised (out of maybe 200 attendees). I'll leave it to others to try and attribute any irony to that number, considering the subject of the class.

I don't let restrictions against being armed (I'm thinking under LEOSA, when visiting out-of-state) prevent me from going places (unarmed) I want to go to enjoy activities I enjoy doing, just because I can't carry my weapon. Hey, I enjoy visiting pubs, breweries, scotch bars and wineries in new places.

Life's too short to deny myself some of the activities and pleasures to be found, even if it means carrying a handgun as a CCW weapon isn't lawful, practical or convenient. (Yes, I'm familiar with the use of the words "comforting" & "comfortable" as used in the civilian training world, and I've developed my own thoughts on the matter.)

Besides having been in LE for 30 years, I've also pursued the martial arts for 41 years (last month), so it's not like I haven't grasped some basic understanding of how violence could occur.

I get to choose for myself (within the laws).

I don't lecture other folks about how they ought to feel, though. Not my business (unless they ended up violating some local law, of course).

Just my thoughts.
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