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Originally Posted by SPDSNYPR View Post
Single point slings may be OK for tac team use, but are not ideal for patrol rifle setups in general. Inside a house in full ninja turtle gear, you can expect to do a lot of shoulder-swaps, and the one-point is good for that. With all your **** on, you can let the rifle hang, and it likely won't nut-smack you, especially an SBR. Most patrol vests aren't set up with 12 acres of molle pouches and a groin protector to keep the boys safe.

There are lot of good 2point slings out there (blue force gear, vtac) and convertible 1 to 2 point slings (magpul MS3) that will be better for general patrol work. Get the ASAP and an MS3, and you pretty well are set up.
What he said ^^^^^!

Even better, if you already have a nicely staked castle nut, just go with the slips over the buffer tubes. Good gear.

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